Can Tom Hardy come back as Bane?



A few weeks ago, Tom Hardy said he would love to come back and resume the role of one of Batman’s most physical enemy, Bane. The question is, could this ever be a reality? Most fans of Batman either really enjoyed his portrayal of Bane or was really disappointed and left making jokes about his voice (but who didnt joke around with his voice?, even South Park hopped on this). One thing that strangely bothered me was the fact that Bane had no Venom, the juice that gives him his super strength. With Tom Hardy wanting to come back and play Bane once again, DC has an opportunity to correct a wrong. Now, if you are a comic book fan, you are aware heroes and villains are easily brought back from the dead (if Bane even died in The Dark Knight Rises). The problem is, how can Bane be reintroduced?

The answer comes in the form of the upcoming film, Suicide Squad. Now we enter my ridiculous idea, what if Enchantress brought back Bane? Let’s say she finds Bane’s badly injured/dead body and begins to heal him through her magic. Now, i doubt this would be a thing, but hey, imagine the plot twist. This would only be the start of Bane however.

What if Enchantress was in fact, working for none other than Hugo Strange to bring back one of Batman’s most physically foes? Lets just say there’s a bigger plot in the DC cinematic universe that involves Hugo Strange wanting to take over the world, starting with Gotham and Metropolis. His first act though would be to bring back Bane. At this point I may be just giving DC a ridiculous plot to go with, but hey, you can’t tell me this would be worse than The Green Lantern movie. I already apologize for bringing up that movie, let’s hope Deadpool goes great.

Moving on, why would Hugo Strange want to bring back Bane? Think about it, if your a nerd in school, who would be someone you want on your side? That`s right, that muscular dude who could defend you. Why would Bane listen to Strange though? This is where we bring in the Mad Hatter, which would be hysterical if they brought in Johnny Depp for this. The Mad Hatter would use his mind control technology to put Bane under Hugo Strange`s control.

Now it’s time to introduce the venom to buff up the already monstrous Bane. Hugo Strange is no fool, he knows Bane got defeated once and he doesn’t want that to happen again. So naturally, Hugo Strange develops Venom and thanks to the mind control, Bane readily accepts it. Now I know this isn’t how Bane gets the venom in the comics, but hey, since when does DC or Marvel always stay 100% to the comic books.

Some of us may not want Tom Hardy back, some of us do. Either way, if that were to happen, I just provided DC a great way to do it.

When all you need is a subscription box model and instead there's a goatee'd spock

3 of the craziest origin stories


In the world of comic books you can’t expect every origin story to make sense. Some will be zany, quirky, funny, heart felt and others realistic. If you start thinking about it during the golden age of comics there were a TON of different origin stories and a lot of them didn’t really add up.

Let’s run through a few of the craziest origin stories in the classic categories.

1. Swarm: The Bite of something

Swarm loves clobbering spiderman with little bites and stings

The classic rule of comics? If something can bite you and does, you become empowered by it. Like most great villains, Fritz Von Meyer was a top scientist.  The kicker though is he was one of Hitler’s top scientists who fled to become a beekeeper in South America.  During his bee keeping and studying he came across a hive of extremely intelligent bees.
Swarm origin
Of course he attempted to control the bees with a kooky device. Once the bees got mad old Fritz couldn’t control them and he was torn to shreds and, like any good story, left for dead. Then somehow his brain melded with the brains of the bees and cue the Swarm.

2. Marvex: From another place but earth

Nothing makes a greater origin story than a machine built for a purpose only to have it backfire.  When you’re an advanced 5th dimensional alien creature determined to take over Earth and enslave all of human kind, what are you to do?

You build a prototype robot made of “fabri-steel”.  Of course as foreshadowed in the earlier paragraph your creation will destroy you instead of doing your bidding.  So learn from almost all evil (and good) scientists that building robots to serve you will often lead to your demise.

As an aside after arriving at earth Marvex makes a commitment to defend human kind from other dangerous menaces.

3. Alternate Timelines
Great Scot...Subscriptions rule

The kookiest but still widely accepted origins of characters is simply an ‘alternate’ time line or universe. The biggest culprit of that is Star Trek.  The number of times they’ve gone back in time and permanently altered the future is mad high.

Want new actors for Spock and Kirk instead of attempting to do a focus on another character set?  Have an angst filled time traveling Romulan destroy the Vulcan’s homeworld and irreversibly damage the time line as most Trekkies know it.  Boom. Instant fix.

Want an easy way to make a villain?  Add a goatee to the actor and declare it’s “alternative universe character” .  What is his origin story?  Get this he’s just like the regular character but instead of accepting gum from that stranger he declines and that makes him a WHOLE different person!

There you have it.  3 of the craziest origin stories. Let me hear your favorite crazy story.