Comic Book Death, is there any point?



Not to say they never matter, but when main characters are almost always brought back (eventually), then what is the real point of ever killing them off?  Even someone like Bucky Barnes who there was even a coined his own catchphrase doesn’t stay dead forever.  Not to say “only Bucky stays dead” means nothing anymore, he did stay dead for over 50 years, but comic book deaths in general are taken much more lightly than deaths in other forms of literature.  Though it does look as if Bucky Barnes death and his prolonged return resulted in an amazing reintroduction as the Winter Soldier.


Now, of course I’m only talking about main characters in these stories.  It’s not uncommon at all to see secondary characters killed off without even the thought of resurrecting them.  Uncle Ben in Spiderman, Thomas and Martha Wayne in Batman, and Jor-El and Lara in Superman are all prime examples of this.  Even though in multiverses things are written a bit differently.

I did say things were a bit different in the Multiverse, and although it can be surprising when such radical things happen, it’s not uncommon.  One of the most influential deaths in comics that heralded the creation of a superhero, was that of Batman’s parents, the Waynes.  But in the alternate universe Flashpoint version it is Bruce that is killed instead of his parents.  His death brings to life a fantastic twist as Thomas Wayne becomes Batman, and his wife, Martha, becomes the Joker.  Not surprisingly, most of the cases aren’t canon.  Even so, this is the beauty of the multiverse, you’ll find so many variations of superheroes and origin stories to keep you more than satisfied even after the original stories have gone stale.  


Why We’re So Fond of Origin Stories


Although they don’t always translate well to the big-screen, origin stories are an essential part of not only explaining how a superhero or villain comes to be but also in captivating the reader and drawing them into an otherwise ambiguous storyline. Although in most cases superheroes’ powers are unique to themselves, it is not always the case, and in fact it’s not entirely uncommon to see rival comic book companies create their own version of very similarly talented/powered heroes.


Anything goes.
There are so many different ways that one can acquire super human abilities, whether it’s simply through birth, experiments, accidents, some kind of natural phenomenon, or strictly through inventions and willpower. Which is great for variety, but also to cater to the different ways the reader might want to fantasize in becoming a superhero themselves.


Joe Schmoe to Hero.
In many cases the individual reading the comic can relate to the superhero in some regard. Whether it’s life before the superhero came to be, or something comparably as big in their lives to some decision the superhero has to make. Unfortunately tragedy is a part of life but when a child loses both of their parents it doesn’t surprise anyone when they look at Batman and find strength. Having the money that Batman’s parents left him doesn’t hurt any, but it’s the inner strength, the sense of justice that drives Batman to become the man he does. These are characteristics that children and even adults can aspire to. Even if you’re not fighting crime like Batman, you can strive to be better, to have a purpose, and to have a strong moral code.


Batman V Superman – The Rise of Ben Affleck



Ben Affleck v Christian Bale

Bale is an amazing actor who took the Batman franchise to new heights with the Dark Knight Trilogy.  Where Affleck has molded himself on the big-screen as a specific typecast actor who is rarely seen without his partner, Matt Damon.

It’s a quiet rage…

When news first hit that Affleck had been cast as the new Batman in the next set of movies it wasn’t surprising that the failed Daredevil actor garnered resentment as well as hate from many avid movie and comic book fans.

Certainly a knee-jerk reaction to having been spoiled with the acting prowess of Bale, but also to what we expected would be a failure on Afflecks part to capture the essence of Batman and keep us enthralled in the upcoming movies.

batman affleck

It’s been over a year now since Affleck has been cast as Batman and slowly but surely I’ve come to realize that the casting of him could be the most brilliant part of the movie/director.  Affleck’s likability has plummeted in recent years and no great coincidence, so will Batman in upcoming film, Batman v Superman.


Batman v Superman is a story centered around the envy and jealousy that Superman has garnered in Batman.  The film will generate a breaking point where Batman goes too far and then comes back from the darkness to work together with an already fan favorite Superman.  

The rise and fall of Batman

We so rarely see superheroes as the villians and even if it is for only part of the movie, it will surely lend to the breaking of molds we so often see in comic themed movies.  A mold that both X-men as well as Watchmen have been keen to avoid.  I don’t think anyone can deny that the film will be entertaining, but I’d be surprised if most don’t change their opinions of Affleck as Batman after the film hits theaters.